Reverend Steve & Woodian Angel Natasha galindo had a baby - Isabela Naleen Galindo (because my wife wouldn't let me give her the middle name "Lugosi"), born September 15th, 2005 at 11:38 pm. She weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and she is beautiful. here are some new pics of Isabela and the ALL NEW Galindo Family ...

Isabela in her baby seat looking all dressed up so as to be Bono's body double.

Isabela sleeping on her mommy, looking like a perfect little angel.

Isabela and her big sister Emerald taking their first bath together.

Beautiful little Isabela being held by mommy Tasha.

An AWESOME picture of little Isabela sleeping on her mom one afternoon.

Reverend Steve holding Isabela (and wearing his favorite shirt of Diamond Dallas Page BTW)

Natasha, Emerald and Steve sitting on the couch drinking coffee and playing Super Mario Sunshine October 15th, 2005.

The same pic as before only BIGGER ... Natasha, Emerald, Isabela, Steve, and cousin Deinna.

Big eyed, month old little Isabela dancing to David Bowie music.

Isabela training just like in the training montages between levels in Mike Tyson's Punch Out.

Here's a kick ass picture of (summer long haired) Reverend Steve hanging out on the set of his latest film.

Reverend Steve and Woodian Angel Natasha got married on May 5th, 2005. Here are some pictures from their marriage ... 1/2/3 ... and here is a picture made to celebrate the blessed event by vehement Church of Ed Wood follower and saint, Reverend Tor.

Here are some BRAND NEW ultrasound pictures of the soon to be baby Galindo ... 1/2/3.

Reverend Steve is golder in Arizona somehow - here's a pic of Steve in Phoenix during Thanksgiving 2004.

Our cat's reaction to our new hamster, Andy, and then the two of them sharing some quality time together.

Two random pictures of Steve thinking ... 1/2.

My director friend Michael and his FAT ASS MAN CHOPS!

Check out America's biggest new punk band ... Emerald and Natasha ...The Burkonettes!

A picture of Emerald and our new hamster's sweet ass pimp palace supreme!

Another nice, new, random picture of Reverend Steve at his old apartment.

Reverend Steve drinking it up and staying up late with his parents on New Year's Eve 2004.

A family picture of the all new Galindo family, version 1.0!

Here are some professional, high quality pictures of Reverend Steve Galindo posing with an Ed Wood poster outside of his apartment. These photos are FREE to use for anyone who wants to write an article about the Church of Ed Wood ... 1/2/3/4/5/6

Here are some pictures taken of Reverend Steve Galindo on a replica set of Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from Outer Space" for a photo shoot with the Sacramento News and Review newspaper ... first there is Steve as Criswell (1/2/3) ... and then there's Reverend Steve and the UFO's (1/2/3).

Here are some good, high quality, black and white pictures taken on July 19th, 2004 of Reverend Steve on the steps of his apartment ... 1/2/3

All new CLEAN SHAVEN Steve Galindo picture taken on July 8th, 2004 right before we're off to the Warped Tour.

Here are two beautiful pictures of the love of my life, Woodian Angel Natasha, as her and I sit in the kitchen listening to Jim's Big Ego and straight "tearing it up" ... 1/2

Reverend Steve and his daughter's new cat, Moody (like the Harry Potter character "Mad Eye" Moody because she has one blue eye and one green eye, although Emerald just calls her "OWWW")

... and here is a CLOSE UP of the cat which shows her two different colored eyes - this picture has NOT in any way been doctored ...

...and here are two more of Moody the cat... 1/2...and here's two pictures of Moody and Steve's daughter Emerald... 1/2

Reverend Steve Galindo listening to Liam Lynch and working on the web page on May 6th, 2004.

A picture of corporate Reverend Steve hanging out in the breakroom during one of his rare breaks at work

A very nice family portrait of the BRAND NEW Galindo family (version 1.0) taken during Thanksgiving 2003

A really nice picture of three crazy chicks ... my crazy mother, my wonderful girlfriend, and my daughter

Back when we lived together, Dawn Garcia called Jose Galindo Jr. wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay too much and here is the proof

Here's a very special message to all those who have a grudge with Reverend Steve and want to fill his life with drama and bickering

Here is proof that America (especially California) is sad and pathetic and ignorant and filled with stupid assholes who will one day go straight to hell

Reverend Steve purchased this real life action figure playset and it is the coolest thing he owns

This is the closest Reverend Steve has ever got to being filthy rich

... and this is the single coolest comic book that has ever been created (and yes, it IS real)

... and while we're at it, here is the single greatest comic book ever greatest by mankind

Reverend Steve marvelling at the jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Natasha and Emerald sitting underneath the Halloween Lazer Show at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, California

Tremble in fear of LIQUORMAN, the world's second alcoholic superhero (behind Iron Man)

Shake Zula, the mike rula, the old schoola, you wanna trip, I'll bring it to ya!

Steve's two squirrel friends kissing in a picture that's just way too Hallmark cute

Steve feeding all the wayward squirrels that hang at his place

Reverend Steve putting on his contacts in a close-up that blows people's minds in a nonsensical sort of way

A non-cheesy picture of Steve in front of the Golden Gate Bridge - the single greatest Golden Gate Bridge picture ever

Steve wroking on the new web page in the kitchen at 3 am

Saint Debby and Reverend Steve at a film shoot fooling around

The legendary zombie parade before the 2003 Trash Film Orgy in Sacramento, California (check out Trash FIlm online for more info.)

... and here is a close-up shot of one the sign of one of the zombies during the parade

In May of 2005, the Galindo Family ... Woodian Angel Natasha, Daughter Emerald, and Reverend Steve ... went down to Disneyland for a vacation-slash-honeymoon and we had a super ton of fun. Here are some sweet pictures ...

Mickey Mouse and Reverend Steve get together and talk about Ed Wood.

Here are some pics of Reverend Steve, Woodian Angel Natasha, and their daughter Emerald, riding the new Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters ride. The first one is of Steve geeking out like a 3-year-old boy and the second one is me "in the zone" getting a chance to play it! The ride rocks, BTW.

Emerald being a ham and "posing" for a picture inside a phone booth at Disney's California Adventure.

Steve and Emerald on the teacups.

Steve and Natasha posing for a very nice picture taken by three-year-old Emerald.

Steve sitting down as the Galindo family spends way too much time hanging out at the Main Street Cinema.

The Galindo girls posing for a picture in Toontown.

Reverend Steve holding Emerald on his shoulders as they watch the evening's fireworks together.

Reverend Steve sitting on his favorite special bench at Disneyland.

The Galindo family posing for a picture in front of Steve's favorite bench at Disneyland.

On October 17th, 2004 at 6:00 pm The Church of Ed Wood and television's Cinema Insomnia mounted a massive festival of punk rock bands and Edward D. Wood Jr. movies called Ed-Woodstock. It was a massive success, with well over a hundred people packing Sacramento's Crest theater to witness this historical event. Here are some pictures from this amazing event ...

Reverend Steve's daughter Emerald holding up the article about Ed-Woodstock from the October 14th Sacramento News and Review

Reverend Steve, Mr. Lobo, and Steve's daughter Emerald in front of the Ed-Woodstock poster before the show.

The marque of the Crest theater proudly proclaiming the show.

Reverend Steve and Mr. Lobo talking Wood and getting ready before the doors opened.

Flip the Switch gets ready in the loby of the Crest theater before the start of the event.

This was the long as hell banner that hung on the stage. It rocks ass. I only wish that I had kept it.

As the doors open, loyal Ed Wood fans and followers start to enter the theater ... 1/2

In the lobby, a place that got a LOT of people Wood-sized plastered ... the Flying Saucer Lounge!

There were actors all over the theater dressed as specific Ed Wood stable actors ... here's one of Dolores Fuller and here is one of Bela Lugosi dancing with a monster from the REAL worst film of all time, Robot Monster.

As the show starts, Reverend Steve and Mr. Lobo take the stage ... 1/2/3

The first band, Flip the Switch, went on that night to win the first ever Woodian Sainthood contest. They even wrote a brand song called "Plan 9" for the show ... 1/2/3

The second band of the evening was called "SACRAMENTO" ... 1/2/3/4/5

The third and final band were the Helper Monkeys and they rock ass ... 1/2/3/4/5.

While all the musical madness was going on onstage, Reverend Steve his fiance Saint Natasha were busy in the lobby baptizing people in a kiddie pool full of film reels ... 1/2 ... and the rush to get baptized was so great that he sometimes had to baptize as many as four people at the same time ... 1/2

In between bands, Reverend Steve and Mr. Lobo gave away an Ed-Woodstock prize pack via a strange Woodian game of charades featuring people dressed as Ed Wood's friends and acting buddies ... 1/2/3

In what will one day go down in history as the world's first live mass cannonization, the entire band Flip the Switch got cannonized as saints on-stage!

and here are some various pictures of Reverend Steve screaming, yelling, rocking out, and generally spazzing hardcore on-stage while hosting Ed-Woodstock ... 1/2/3/4/5/6

Reverend Steve was the special guest of television's Cinema Insomnia for a special midnight showing of "Ed Wood" at downtown Sacramento's Crest theater on October 4th, 2003. He preached Woodism, lectured on the importance of Ed Wood, led the audience in a Woodian prayer, and passed out religious flyers at the Woodism table in the lobby. Here are some pictures of the event.

A nice (but small) picture of Reverend Steve, Mr. Lobo (the tall ass one), and Festival Director Martin Anaya.

Reverend Steve manning the "Woodism" table in the lobby of the Crest before the movie starts

Mr. Lobo and Reverend Steve before the doors open up planning a course of action

Preaching the joys of Woodism to passers-by as the theater starts letting people in

Steve on-stage coming out of the crypt a la "Dr. Tom"

... and dig these cool, crazy, outro pics of Reverend Steve Galindo on-stage preaching Woodism and leading everyone in a holy Woodian prayer ... 1/2/3/4

A review of the event on has a collage which features a very nice picture of Reverend Steve and Woodian Angel Natasha manning the Woodism booth before the show.

Reverend Steve Galindo has a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Emerald who is his entire life right next to Woodism and his wonderful girlfriend Natasha. Here are a few pictures of Emerald and Steve hanging out and being silly.

Emerald, the day after Woodmas in 2004, watched the movie "Ed Wood" all by herself. She LOVED it. She sat there and watched the whole thing with some oatmeal and her cat and loved it. YAY! I have a kick ass daughter!

Emerald and I went to the park the beginning of October 2004 and I brought my camera, so here are the two of us playing around having fun ... 1/2/3/4/5

Here are two pictures of Emerald pretending to be her nana ... 1/2

Emerald rocks, even when she's laying on the couch watching Spongebob.

Emerald and her daddy playing and being silly on June 26th, 2004 and here's another picture and one of mommy and daughter hanging out.

Emerald looking like a supermodel.

Emerald is now the poster child for the dangers of bed bouncing. Click these two pictures to see why you should NEVER bounce on the bed... 1/2

Emerald playing with bubbles at the Arden Mall Barnes and Noble Harry Potter book club

Emerand and Reverend Steve sitting watching Sifl and Olly and eating food and being happy (here's a second picture)

Emerald accidentally gets into her mother's make-up a LOT and we've got the pictures to prove it ... and we've got much much much more!

Steve and Emerald are being silly with some stickers and the camera (and here is a different picture from that same event)

I am constantly tell emerald NOT to kiss me and yet she's ALWAYS kissing me anyway

My grandmother made a blanket with her own hands and gave it to me on my first day of living. I named it weechie and kept it most of my life. Now Emerald has gotten in the habit of keeping it with her and it brings tears to my eyes.

Emerald and i face-to-face in the kitchen

A collage of Emerald embracing her newfound Latino heritage

Crazy emerald trying her hardest to be just like her daddy

Tow two most beautiful women in the world are Emerald and her mommy ... here are 1/2 pictures of them.

Steve and Emerald hanging out and taking pictures in bed

A random picture taken in our brand new apartment as Emerald stirs her drink and somehow manages to look like a British school teacher

Emerald and Steve in the kitchen eating and drinking and screwing around.

Emerald on her 2nd birthday being shocked at her new Dora the Explorer bicycle.

Emerald really digs the band "Bowling for Soup"

Reverend Steve has been working with the Barnes and Noble corporation since 2000 and he loves it. He is currently the manager in charge of the children's department at the Arden Mall store in Sacramento, California. Here are some random pictures from work.

Reverend Steve does free kids storytimes twice a week including a 10am pajama storytime - here's a picture from June 26th, 2004 of Steve in his pajamas.

And here are just a few of Steve's storytime regulars on a scavenger hunt throughout the store.

Reverend Steve is here, again in his pajamas, for July's pajama storytime.

Reverend Steve also runs a Harry Potter Book Club for children every month - here is a picture of Steve reading trivia questions during the meeting.

The store stayed open until 2 am on June 21st, 2003 to sell copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Something like 500+ people were there. Here are some pics of that crazy night.

A Harry Potter fan so moved he breaks out in tears at the sight of a Harry Potter stand-up cut out.

Crazy, intense Harry Potter fans were everywhere that night, ready with intense vigor to purchase book five.

... and here are some random pictures of sleeping children who couldn't stay up for the book to be released ... 1/2/3